Trixie & Mr Brown Knows, Silly of the Valley Productions
For ALL of your Clown Emergencies!
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Awards: 2006 Clowns Canada Carnival, Best group skit & Clown of the Year

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Busker/street performer
Musical and improvisational interaction with passersby.
(Duration: 15-25-minutes)

Trixie and Mr Brown Knows will entertainm families with high-energy music, improvisational play and interactive skits involving puppets and other props.
(Duration: 45-60-minutes)

Health Care Clowning

Site Animation: Empty-pockets, character - based improvisational interaction, with a healthy dose of music and sensitivity.

A high energy, family friendly show for people of all ages! Featuring bluegrass, ragtime and high energy folk music.
(Duration: 45-60-minutes, 60+ minutes)