Daffy Dill the Clown
Daffy Dill brings laughter and excitement to your with her Comedy Magic, Balloon Animals and silly antics for young and old.
Website | Email | Twitter | Instagram | 905-333-4874 | Burlington , Ontario


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Balloon sculpture
I do a Comedy Magic Show with lots of audience participation. I can include Puppets, Balloons and Volunteers. Fun is had by all.
(Duration: 15-25-minutes, 30-45-minutes)

Comedy Magic Show with lots of interaction with audience. I use Puppets to do magic and tell a story.
(Duration: 30-45-minutes)


Site Animation: I teach some basic Magic Techniques. How to build your own magic props and how to incorprate puppets and balloons into your show.
(Minimum Booking: Minimum 2 hours. )

Several Pupets appear in my Magic Show. They perform their own magic and help tell the story of the show. They aid in audience participation.
(Duration: 15-25-minutes, 30-45-minutes)