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Body painter

Site Animation: I love to work with my clients and models to come up body painting ideas for them but I also enjoy it when they ask me to create from my own imagination. I have grown up painting (on canvas) my entire life and now enjoy painting on the "living" human canvas as well! Full body painting can take from 2-5 hours, torso aprox 1-2 hours depending upon the depth and detail of the design. My specialty is painting corsets and also free-design full body paintings.
(Minimum Booking: 3 Weeks)

Face painter

Site Animation: The Wild Rooster enjoys painting at birthday parties, corporate events, bridal showers, holiday events, girls' night out, day cares, fundraisers, store openings etc! The list is endless :) I enjoy Face Painting at any event! I only use FDA compliant face and body paints, glues and glitters for all of my work. My major area of working is in the Ottawa/Gatineau Cities, and Valley plus the outskirts and I am willing to travel with additional fees.
(Minimum Booking: 2 Weeks)

Temporary tattoos

Site Animation: Glitter Tattoos and Le Dot Inks are a lot of fun to add to any occasion and they are waterproof and can last several days if taken care of! I only use FDA compliant glues and glitters for my work.
(Minimum Booking: 2 Weeks)