Pepper The Clown
I Heal the Planet one Laugh at a time! Pepper popped out funny. Humour: breaks the ice, makes people feel great, lift spirits, forgot their troubles, ease their pain, diffuse anger, release sadness, even hatred melts away. Not only that, humour boosts the immune system…so laughter is the best medicine!
Website | Email | Twitter | Instagram | 905 728-1614 | Oshawa, Ontario

Awards: I have one awards for being WONDERFUL & FUNNY.

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Balloon sculpture
Balloon sculptures, clown aerobics, silly antics, faces, & magic.
(Duration: 45-60-minutes, 60+ minutes)

High energy, goofy, silly, funny, crazy.
(Duration: 45-60-minutes, 60+ minutes)

Face painter

Site Animation: Amazing face painting with colour matched to your outfit. I have studied art for years and love to decorate people to match.
(Minimum Booking: 2 weeks)

Health Care Clowning

Site Animation: Law Of Laughter is a workshop to allow the adult-child within to surface and let go. Laughter can be taught, we have to feel safe to let it out. We all want to be happy and relax in these stressful times. PSYCH-K ..a noninvasive tool to change negative beliefs into success. Incredible process to remove blocks.
(Minimum Booking: 2 weeks)


Site Animation: simple silly magic....for kids 8 and under.
(Minimum Booking: 2 weeks)