BUBBLES the Clown

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Generally, I do a comedy magic show with audience participation, followed by balloon sculptures for each child/person. I individualize each individual's time with me to make it a memorable experience.
(Duration: 60+ minutes)

Health Care Clowning

Site Animation: This is dependent upon the individual(s) and their circumstances. The attempt is made to make my time with the patient(s) memorable and enjoyable with a material item to remember the event (from stickers to teddy bears).


Site Animation: Generally, this is incorporated with my clown character and is part of a presentation. I attempt to get the audience laughing and interacting with me in positive ways for enjoyable and memorable results.
(Minimum Booking: $150.00)

Featured if requested by the customer, but usually it is only a part of a more well-rounded program. The length of time is dependent upon the age group and their abilities and attention spans. Minimum time is 5 - 10 minutes.
(Duration: 5-10-minutes)