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Awards: "Canada's most successful cross-over artist" Canadian Theatre Review

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#freelove is a new clown show created by S. Siobhan McCarthy where Blyss, the love starved clown will lead a dialogue about the balance and ethics of love. “Blyss is a sexy, wisecracking, button-pushing joker who breaks down the fourth wall by constantly engaging the audience in dialogue about sex, politics, abilities and disabilities, and issues all over the moral map.” -Stephen Schroeder, One Yellow Rabbit “Highly intelligent, sexy, titillating and challenging! McCarthy utilizes her own life and experiences as direct material to cleverly confront her audiences. McCarthy is current in a respected tradition of North America's cutting edge performance artists.”-Michael Green, One Yellow Rabbit -High Performance Rodeo “Blyss is processing her own woes in a larger palette” -Alan Hindle, The Globe and Mail
(Duration: 60+ minutes)